Salon Leadership (for salon owners and managers)

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“People like to think that leadership and management are the top of the pyramid, and I would like to promote the idea that they are the bottom, that leadership is the stepping stone in which to create a greater outcome for the entire community.” -Lorean Cairns


With the growth of her business, Fox and Jane Salon, came the growth of a passion and knowledge for leadership. Having been approached and asked for her magic formula on more than one occasion, Lorean decided it was high time to share.

In this workshop leaders can look forward to learning


  • How to establish a culture and community.

  • How to  identify ideals and  values for their brand.
  • How to grow your team, community, and brand.
  • How to allow individuals to shine within a brand without breeding competition.

  • How to maintain a healthy culture where your team is a part of the business mission.


    • Leadership is a stepping stone to community
    • Leaders are not the top of the pyramid
    • The mission is the community
    • Growth takes more than one element


    Fox & Jane Workshop

    223 Grand Street

    New York, NY

    June 10th 11am - 3pm