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With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial experience and seven years as a wildly successful CEO, Lorean Cairns can comfortably say that the secret to her success is deeply rooted in company culture. From the moment you join the team you are deeply aware of what is means to be a Fox, it's more than just a job...it's a way of life. In Coaching Thru Culture we take an in depth look in how to create and cultivate a positive and impactful company culture, the importance of setting a strong horizon line, and the practice of positive reinforcement to encourage your team to rise to the occasion.

In the class you can look forward to learning about

  • Creating Values
  • Establishing a culture of coaching, growth, and goal setting 
  • Understanding coaching levels 
  • Delegate, direct, and develop 
  • Leading leaders


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Educator:  Lorean Cairns (@loreancairns)

Class Date: November 4, 2018

Class Start Time:  11am- 3pm

Class Location:  F.J. Studios
Class Address: 223 Grand Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013